Crowdfunding Campaign Success Story

Crowdfunding Campaign Success Story

We make a living by what we get, but we make a life by what we give.  

Would you like to hear about how Yamacu’s success is making strides in our community? The fast elevation of the company at over 20 Farmers’ Market locations in New England, called for a higher supply-in-demand. In order to serve the people, the best locally sourced handmade ginger drinks and flavorful ethnic African food. Yamacu collaborated in a Crowdfunding Campaign with Empowering Small Businesses - Massachusetts Growth Capital Corporation in November of 2020. In pursuance of raising profits for equipment at a non-profit production facility as known as, the CommonWealth Kitchen

The effects of COVID restrictions in March 2019 impacted the original thriving brick and mortar, located at the Haley House in Roxbury, MA. Leading to this grand idea. The partnership was beyond prosperous to satisfy the longing cravings for Yamacu’s healthy ginger drinks and traditional African food. 

Yamacu was able to execute such a rewarding campaign through the help of Patronicity. Organizing the relatable back story, creating remarkable campaign exclusive products, enticing content, and of course sharing the exciting news. Resulting in a big victory for the company and community. Allocating  “$10,000 with the support of 91 patrons and a total of $10,986 raised through community funding.” 

The continuous gain in popularity follows the campaign. Yamacu is thrilled to share an even better announcement. Imagine a Yamacu Cafe!  A place where friends and family can come together for a time to unwind, feel refreshed, and become more acquainted with those in the neighborhood. The love just keeps coming.

Yamacu will be reopening our brick and mortar, located at the Haley House in Roxbury, MA. Where you can order or even preorder our meat or vegan food and sip on the various assortments of cold-pressed locally sourced ginger drinks. 

The best-selling products are available now on the Products page. From the convenient option to pre-order our drink packages and pick up at your local Farmers Market. To affordable contactless delivery at your door. Cheers! 





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