What is African Food and Lore?

When Salimata Bangoura began making her West African Fusion Cuisine food for catering events and local families, she realized the power of food as a a fun and engaging cultural bridge. She utilized the food she made to educate her clients about the wonders and food of the African continent because food is a powerful medium through which we can educate people big and small about different countries, their diversity, cultures, peoples as well as challenges.

People love Africa, but seldom associate Africa with food and when they do, they are limited to Ethiopian, Moroccan, Ghanaian and Nigerian food as those are the cuisines primarily found throughout the United States.  In addition, people think Africa is one country when it is a continent with 54 distinct and beautiful countries, each with hundreds of dishes to be explored and enjoyed. The solution to this conundrum is simple, to create an African Food and Lore series that will explore each African country by doing a deep dive into its history, peoples, regions, culture and of course food. In addition to the education, we will find restaurants, cooks, chefs and food lovers and explorers from each country to experiment with in order to fully represent their unique country in an authentic manner.

More to come as we develop this program, if interested in participating in any capacity we would love to hear from you. Please introduce yourself and what you're thinking info@mydugu.com.

Below are some pictures of my family and I just being together, my children being their wild, creative, crazy fun selves and turning my kitchen upside down while making magic and creating beautiful memories.





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